Hops and Nuts

Greensboro, NC

"Fainting goats are an oddity in the animal kingdom. While peculiar, their rarity makes them preferred by farmers and breeders alike. A fainting goat isn’t concerned when it does things differently because its whole life is a series of ups and downs. They don’t let others define their species as a whole because no goat is created equal. More importantly, when it falls down, it always gets back up again. At Fainting Goat Spirits, we embody the spirit of this animal. We don’t mass-produce our spirits in a factory; we’re a small family of distillers who use their hands from grain to glass. Our 100% North Carolina USDA certified organic grains are crafted in house to ensure quality flavor profiles. In this way, we’re an oddity too. We’re not interested in what the other guys do. Instead, we want to create spirits that challenge the average and routine. Try one of our bottles and we think you’ll agree that our take on spirits makes us stand out from the crowd."


"The Pig Pounder Brewery is named after a beer launched by the Darryl's restaurant chain in 1988. It is a local microbrewery specializing in producing outstanding authentic UK style beers including types like an Extra Special Bitter, an English Dark Mild, and a classic Milk Stout, for local venues. The brewery also features an interactive tasting room, made for connecting with our guests and educating them more about beer."


"Tapping into the popularity of craft beer, and a growing number of breweries in the Triad, the full-service tavern and restaurant has a database of over 24,000 beers from around the world.
Fifty taps rotate daily and over 500 bottled beers are offered. The tavern infuses beer with herbs, coffee, fruit and other aromatics through a three-foot tall, stainless steel "infusion tower." The tavern also offers signature cocktails, ciders, wine and non-alcoholic beverages."


Red Oak Brewery

Whitsett, NC


Charter Partner 2016

Fainting Goat Spirits

Charter Partner 2016

"That’s why we called it that. Our 28-tap Tasting Room, located in our main brewing facility just off I-40 in southwest Winston-Salem, is the epicenter of the Delicious Beer Universe. Come sample our core brands, seasonals, one-offs— If we brew it, it’ll be on tap here.

Along with games, TVs, bar snacks, lots of outdoor seating, and some seriously knowledgeable beer staff. If you come on the weekend, we’ll even take you on a tour of the brewery. You can see The Great and Powerful Oz for yourself."


Hoots Beer Co.

Winston- Salem, NC

"The brewery will include a 10-barrel system and Joymongers will offer 15-18 of its own beers on tap. The plan is for 1/3 to be year-round, 1/3 to be seasonal and 1/3 produced in small batches, maybe only 100 pints each, Rollinson said. The beers will mostly be ales — as opposed to lagers — and will run the gamut style-wise, he said.

Rollinson plans to provide something new every week rather than focusing on large batches, and the partners don’t have an interest in widespread distribution. While they’d be happy to have kegs of Joymongers beer at local bars, the partners have no packaging plans at all."


"Our mission is deeply rooted in the Old World craft heritage and artisanal Blue Ridge Mountain distilling traditions passed down through generations of immigrants, outlaws and other relatives."


Our Partners

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Pig Pounder

Charter Partner 2016

"We are a craft beer bottle shop in Greensboro, NC, offering a wide selection of craft beer and ciders from around the world, while giving particular emphasis to the many amazing breweries in North Carolina."



Winston Salem, NC

Other Breweries and Distilleries

Natty Greene's

Charter Partner 2016

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"Four Saints Brewing pays homage to the patron saints of beer, Saint Wenceslaus, Saint Nicholas, Saint Luke and Saint Augustine of Hippo. They’ve become the most recognized patron saints for brewing and beer because of their contributions to and associations with the world’s favorite sudsy beverage. Four Saints Founders Joel McClosky and Andrew Deming are carrying on the brewing tradition in the hopes of future sainthood, or at least to make some really good beer."


Wise Man Brewing

Winston-Salem, NC

Broad Branch Distillery

Winston Salem, NC

Small Batch Beer Co.

Winston Salem, NC


Charter Partner 2016

"Then, we started to play... What if we? What would it taste like if? And the more we let folks taste our "trial" nuts, the more encouraged we got... those that know us understand how lethal that can be... LOL! The idea of creating the very best, most delicious, unique beer flavored peanuts was born! We traveled and badgered all in hopes of finding great ingredients and great taste. And we found mecca...in our own back yard... North Carolina grown by Jack, our personal peanut farmer!"


Preyer Brewing Company

Charter Partner 2016

World of Beer

Charter Partner 2016

"It all began about 10 years ago in a kitchen. Sam, a PhD chemist by day, bought himself
a homebrew kit and started experimenting. The only rules were to have fun, make something tasty, and clean up afterwards. As he got deeper into the hobby, Sam started bringing his brew to social events to share with friends, and soon developed a reputation as an accomplished brewer."


"From a dream shared by two college friends, Natty Greene’s Brewing Co. has grown into a well-respected craft brewery whose award-winning beers have made it America’s 30th fastest-growing craft brew brand (New Yorker website, June 7, 2013).

The Greensboro and Raleigh brewhouses offer a full selection Natty’s styles on tap, from the popular beers found in stores to our master brewers’ latest inspirations – not to mention a great selection of high quality, nicely priced food.

As the Natty Greene’s brand continues to grow, Chris and Kayne hold true to their original dream: Create great beers for beer lovers everywhere to enjoy."


Mystery Brewing Company

Hillsborough, NC

It’s the perfect mesh of Belgian-style brewing and southern Carolina charm. We’re in the heart of Saxapahaw, just around the corner from the Haw River Ballroom, The Eddy Pub and the Saxapahaw General Store, where Saxapahavians gather for food, drink and good conversation. When choosing our location, there was no other choice.


Gibb's Hundred

Greensboro, NC

"A local Piedmont brewery is one of the seven best in the country, according to Business Insider.
Brown Truck Brewery in High Point was recently named by the magazine as the best “very small brewing company” in the U.S. The Great American Beer Festival holds an annual competition to find the best beers and breweries in the country. There are seven categories for breweries from small to big. More than 1,700 breweries participated and the winners were selected by a jury of more than 200 beer industry professionals, according to Business Insider.The jury selected the winners by tasting beer without knowing the brand names. The event took place last month in Denver, Colo. Brown Truck’s winning beers were the American Lager and Saison."


"The HOOTS Beer Co. is Winston Salem's brewery. With a focus on developing beer that is representative of the local culture, HOOTS Beer Co. will maintain blue collar classics, as well as, pioneering new American styles. With no boundaries and a deep connection with the town itself, The Hoots Brew team will deliver quality brews that are delicious and inspiring!"


“We just want to offer a fun place for people to come drink good fresh local beer,” he said. “We’re not trying to change the world with our beer, but we want people to have a nice friendly environment to learn about beer. It makes a big difference to have it fresh. Probably the best beer you can get is the closest one. We just want to be another brewery in Greensboro to help build a craft beer culture here.” 


Brown Truck Brewery

High Point, NC